1) How do I install the Plot-AI add in?

Signup at https://plot-ai.com/. Provide your details, click on the link from your email, and login to account. Download the add-in, install, and activate! Here is a short video.

2) The “Generate Report” button is greyed out. How do I get it to work?

Click on the “Activation” button on the top ribbon within the Plot-AI tab in excel. Check you email for the registration message and copy/paste the activation key.

3) I want to show count instead of sum in my chart. Where can I change it?

One option is to set global defaults by clicking on “Define Measures” within the Plot-AI ribbon. The other is click on “Advanced” within each chart, select aggregation type and make your selection.

4) How do I share my analysis?

You can share the polished excel or publish the analysis to a powerpoint document. Web based publishing is coming soon.

5) Is my data secure?

Plot-AI does not store any data on its servers. All of the data is local to your machine/network, so all restrictions used by your organisation apply.

6) Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Your best bet is to email us at: info@plot-ai.com. We monitor this frequently. We will be opening up our social channels soon.